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Real Wedding: Laura & Tim at Bundanon

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As a wedding dress designer, I have the privilege of witnessing the most remarkable love stories unfold through the art of custom-made dresses. I am thrilled to share the enchanting tale of Laura and Timothy's real wedding, a celebration that embraced impeccable artsy aesthetics and showcased Laura's exquisite custom silk dress with its oversized collar and captivating design.

Laura, a talented merchandising stylist, and Timothy, a gifted graphic designer, embarked on their wedding planning journey from different states of Australia. Communicating virtually, we exchanged ideas, fabrics, and inspiration, bridging the gap between Sydney and Melbourne. Despite the physical distance, it felt as if we had known each other for a lifetime.

Emotions ran high when Laura flew down to Melbourne for her first fitting. As she stepped into the dress made with luxurious silk, organic pleats, and a stunning low back cutout, both she and I were overcome with awe. It was as if the dress had been crafted with her in mind, capturing her essence and radiating her unique beauty.

The venue chosen for this extraordinary celebration was the Bundanon Art Museum, a picturesque setting that perfectly complemented Laura and Timothy's creative spirits. Surrounded by captivating landscapes and artistic inspiration, their love story unfolded like a work of art.

Throughout the day, Damien, skillfully captured every precious moment, preserving the magic for eternity. Laura and Timothy's choice of the Bundanon Art Museum as their wedding venue speaks volumes about their discerning taste and appreciation for breathtaking backdrops that elevate their love story to new heights.

Their wedding day, a fusion of artistic aesthetics and heartfelt emotions, was a testament to the power of love and the beauty of personalized details. From the artful decor to the enchanting custom-made dress, every element was carefully curated to reflect their unique journey.

Laura and Timothy's wedding at the Bundanon Art Museum was a celebration of love, creativity, and the joy of merging two artistic souls. It was an honor to be part of their remarkable story, and I am grateful for the opportunity to craft a dress that captured their essence and brought their dreams to life.

sydney wedding venue with groom and bride
sydney wedding venue with the back of groom and bride, showcase ofrenda veil with frills and custom made wedding dress from mia ateliers
bride and groom portrait
bride getting ready portrait

Bundanon Art Museum wedding

nostalgia wedding image showing the long train of the silk dress and veil

Bundanon Art Museum wedding

candid wedding photos feature front of silk wedding dress mia ateliers

chic wedding couple portraits

Stylish wedding couple portraits

Stunning wedding venue shots
melbourne Custom-made silk wedding dress mia ateliers
Gown: Mia Ateliers | IG: @miaateliers

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Wedding Cake: Cakes by Capes | IG: @cakesbycapes

Videography: Lucas | IG: @yonderfilm

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