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The start to finish of your bespoke wedding gowns.

mia ateliers wedding dresses melbourne


This is where all the fun starts! In our lavish private studio, we get to chat about your dream wedding dress. Show
us your inspirations, whether it’s photos on Instagram
or your Pinterest boards, we want to be able to capture
every detail to deliver your perfect wedding dress. Once
we get to know your preferences, measurements and body silhouette, we’ll give you our thoughts and expert suggestions on how we can make your dream dress
a reality. We’ll also sketch out your wedding dress ideasn together to get a better visualisation of your vision.


The style consultation includes a body measurement session and you will be provided a rough cost estimate based on the design details discussed in the consultation. Once
you decide to move forward with your perfect wedding dress, we’ll email you a detailed estimation. For us to make a start on fabric orders and making paper patterns, a 50% deposit is required to be paid upfront.

mia ateliers wedding dresses melbourne
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Once you’re happy with the estimate we provided, I will finalise the sketch from our initial consultation. All the details including the dress silhouette, neckline, length of train, fabric materials, and your measurements,
will be sent to your email for review and approval. After that’s confirmed, we can kick things off!

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After we’ve established the base of your dress, we can talk fabrics. I will walk you through everything we need to consider and help you narrow down the options. Details that we need
to consider include the dress silhouette, your preferences,
and the body parts you’d like to accentuate or contour. Other details to consider include what’s happening on your wedding day - the season, weather and venue should also be taken into consideration. We know that there may be specific fabrics/laces that you may want to use. We’ll do our best to source those materials, but be mindful that some may take longer
to source, and in some cases it may not be possible.

There are no guarantees, but in the case where cannot find
your fabric, we will definitely offer you a suitable alternative.


The First Look
At this stage, the paper patterns are ready for you to view.
This when you can get a better visual of your dress. We will either arrange for you to have a virtual confirmation; or have you come in to try on a mock up to assess the fit of the dress. Kindly let us know your preference at our initial consultation.

Changes and Alterations
Think of this step as your chance to say ‘I do’ to the dress before we start making it. At this stage, major changes are still possible. We’ll show you the final paper pattern cut and pinned on a mannequin. After this step, you’ll get a better
idea of the fit and style of your wedding dress.

Laces and Embroideries
Placement We’ll send you progress images to approve the placement of the lace and to get an update on the overall
style of your wedding dress before our next fitting.



​Make sure to bring the shoes
and undergarments(or something similar)
that you plan on wearing on your big day.

This is the appointment we’ve been building towards! You finally get to see yourself in your wedding dress, after months of crafting, drafting, and finalising.
Once you have your dress on, we’ll spend the appointment making the final adjustments to the
fit of your dress. Elements like the hem of the skirt,
the fit of your sleeves, the placement of any lace
or embroidery, will also be finalised during this appointment.

We offer one dress fitting with adjustments prior
to your wedding date to ensure that the dress
is in perfect shape. Any additional appointments
can be scheduled for an additional $200/appointment.



Now you and your dress are ready for your big day! We’d LOVE for you to tag us in any of your wedding pictures on social media or you can send us your favourites from your wedding gallery




Urgent Order Dresses

As your requested date is sooner than the standard timeframe (4 months lead time) , we are unable to offer returns or exchanges on urgent Made-to-Order bridal items. We do not take responsibility for any adjustments or alterations needed to be made on your gown (unless it is a genuine manufacturing fault). Once your measurements are locked-in, you will be unable to cancel you order as the gown will have gone immediately into production. You will not be subject to any refund.

Made to Order Dresses

As your dress is made especially for you to your dress size and height, we are unable to offer returns or exchanges. All items undergo high-grade professional quality control to ensure fabrics and manufacturing
are of the highest standard. In the unlikely circumstance your dress does not fit you, you must express any concenrs and changes required in your final fitting session, we will try our best to alter to meet your requirements. If you have lost or gained weight, we recommend contacting us as soon as possible. If you wish to cancel your order before locking-in your measurements, the cancellation fee will be applicable.
The cancellation fee $300 AUD of administration, design draft, pre-production and pattern preparation associated with your order. Once your measurements are locked-in, you will be unable to cancel you order
as the gown will have gone immediately into production.

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