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A Tale of Romance: Unveiling the Bridal Editorial at The Trust Melbourne

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The focal point of our editorial was the graceful presence of our Charlotte Feather Gown and the Arch Gown, two wedding dresses that effortlessly embodied a sense of timeless elegance. The Charlotte Feather Dress, a whimsy A-line dress decorated using luxurious ostrich feathers, adorned with delicate detachable puff sleeves, added a touch of ethereal enchantment. The Arch Gown, with its simple scoop neck and organic pleating, exuded an understated allure.

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Step into a world of enchantment as we take you on a captivating journey through a recent bridal editorial shoot. Melbourne wedding photographer Sonya from Tales of Romance directed a spellbinding visual narrative at the awe-inspiring Melbourne wedding venue, The Trust. With its heritage charm and luxurious ambiance, this location provided the perfect canvas for our deep moody editorial, styled by Paula & Sarah from the infused with rich burgundy and maroon hues.

As we immersed ourselves in the captivating atmosphere of The Trust Melbourne, we were embraced by its allure and heritage charm. This majestic wedding venue, nestled in the heart of Flinders Lane, offered a seamless fusion of Manhattan's sophistication and Melbourne's unique character. From the polished dark woods to the opulent marble floors, every detail within this iconic space radiated elegance and grandeur, providing an unforgettable backdrop for our editorial vision.

Captured through the lens of Sonya's discerning eye, the deep moody vibes and rich color palette effortlessly came to life. Each frame told a story of romance and mystery, evoking emotions that resonated with the depths of the soul.

table set up, florist, table decor, wedding venue in melbourne

Collaborating with The Small Things Co., we curated an exquisite styling concept that accentuated the editorial's moody aesthetic. The combination of atmospheric lighting, cascading floral installations, and textured accents created an otherworldly experience, where elegance and passion converged.

As we reflect on this extraordinary bridal editorial, we are filled with gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with such talented individuals and to bring our collective vision to life. The Trust Melbourne's timeless allure and the captivating beauty of our gowns served as a perfect marriage, resulting in an editorial that captured the hearts of all who laid eyes upon it.

Thank you for joining us on this whimsical journey into the heart of Melbourne's wedding scene. We hope this visual tale has ignited your imagination and left you yearning for your own fairy tale moment at The Trust Melbourne. Until our paths cross again, may love and beauty continue to intertwine, creating moments that make our hearts skip a beat.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Mia x

feather dress, wedding dress, wedding shoot, melbourne venue

wedding dress for hire, wedding dress, the trust melbourne

melbourne venue, wedding dress, the trust melbourne

wedding dress for hire, melbourne venue, wedding dress, the trust melbourne

the trust melbourne, wedding set up, wedding florist, wedding dress

Photography: @talesofromanceatelier |

Venue: @thetrust_melbourne |

Stylist & Decor items: @thesmallthingsco |

Dinnerware/glassware: @eventmerchantco |

Stationery: @petitelemposadesign |

Shoes: @thewhitecollectionau |

Earrings: @milanecollective |

Cake: @torte_by_mirjana |

Veils: @allaboutromancebridal |

Male model: @kelliholland @brooklynmgmt |

Female model: @abbeeykelly |

HMUA: @stephaniecahyadimua |

Gowns: @miaateliers |

Florist: @the.petalier |

Linens: @harrythehirer_events |

Candles: @candleco_australia |

melbourne wedding venues; the trust melbourne

melbourne wedding venues; the trust melbourne

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