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About us

Our journey started with Mia's personal experience as a bride. Tired of searching from endless off-the-rack wedding dresses that never tick all the boxes,  together, my Mom and I sewed my dream wedding gown, and it was the best decision I ever made. It saved me the frustration of not finding a dress in my style or one that doesn’t compliment my body type. Since then, Mia Ateliers was born.
With a view of a more sustainable outlook, we create dresses using long-lasting natural fabrics. we also specialize in versatile dresses so a bride can wear it in multiple ways to suit each activity during her wedding day.
we create most pieces from our studio in Melbourne ,with help from local makers. Every detail, bead and stitch is considered as we endeavour to make pieces that will last.
we hope you feel most beautiful wearing MA's dresses, as we have loved making them.

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